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There are some aspects of a swim spa that have parallelism to a big, regular bathtub. But one thing they differ though is that swim spas don’t need frequent draining after every use. If you happen to be a happy owner of a hot tub with Australian spa parts, and yet you, unfortunately, have no idea how to go about draining its water, now is the best time to learn about it.

Never ask the reason why, because basically you need to know how to properly clean it on your own without any assistance or help from anyone. This process also is much more different when you are taking care of your bathtub.

There is more to cleaning it than just wiping it squeaky clean with a commercial-grade cleaning agent. Do it wrong, and the odds are high that you will be for a couple of nasty surprises.

Eradicating Dirt, Grime, and Gunge Build-up

Wiping away unnecessary and nasty buildup on your spa and its exposed surface with utmost care is always easier than it sounds. And you don’t necessarily need to have a very high mental acuity to do it. Before you change the water in your hot tub for the first or the hundredth time, it is crucial that you learn first how to drain it and clean it the right way.

Why You Should Learn How to Properly Drain Your Hot Tub?

cleaning hot tubEvery single time that you are using your hot tub, you are actually introducing organic contaminants into its water, such as:

  • Lotions
  • Body oils
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair products
  • Sweat 
  • Urine

What we are trying to point out here is that every single hot tub user carries residue in their bodies that are likely to be left behind in the hot tub water, which is normal. So, this means to say that once you enter the spa water, you are bringing along your body residue, too.

What you need to know is that these residues don’t just stay in the water, they will also pass through your hot tub plumbing and filtering system, too. The filter system will only do so much in doing its job, although most of the time it is able to grab and discard most of it. And since these contaminants inevitably pass through your pipes, their natural tendency is to have a build-up there creating in the process a layer of biofilm.

What is Biofilm?

Even when you know how to clean your hot tub, things take a 360 degree turn when you are introduced to what a biofilm is.

Colonies of bacteria and fungi, whether you believe it or not, are congregating down the pipes of your hot tub. Much like every living thing on this planet, they need to build a system of defense mechanisms to protect themselves and for their survival. They build a biofilm, it is impervious to your harshest detergent or cleaning solution, even to chlorine.

Over time these colonies of bacteria and fungi will grow and expand inside the confines of your hot tub piping system. Expect the worst, but they are digging in for the long haul until such time that you figure out something good that will eradicate them.

The longer time that biofilm linger in your piping system, the more contaminants it creates and they will stay in your hot tub water. Allow it to build for far too long a time, and they will start to hinder your water flow. And if that scenario happens, it will eventually impact the efficiency of your filter system.

Hence, the need to observe regular draining and cleaning of your hot tub is a must here. We recommend that you take advantage of a high-grade and reliable special plumbing cleaning agent. Such a cleaning agent is the only way you can get rid of biofilm lining in your hot tub with Australian spa parts.