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Spa Shop Sydney: Benefits of Owning A Swim Spa

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Owning a Swim SpaDeciding what type of swim spa will work for you and your family is an essential consideration before heading to any spa shop Sydney outlet.

Understanding the benefits that these spas can provide is a deciding factor in choosing the right swim spa that will suit your needs.

To make this process easy for you, check out the number of spa benefits listed below. 

Multifunctional and Customizable Spas from Spa Shop Sydney

The multifunctionality of spas makes them a better alternative to a standard swimming pool. Its built-in features like heating elements like the hot tub, powerful jet to generate swimming currents, and other self-contained systems will surely suit your needs.

There are vast choices of swim spas available in Australia that you can choose from depending on your size requirement and need. Just like any other water entertainment, a swim spa is designed for users to enjoy and spend more time in the water without any interruption. 

Some spa shops also offer plenty of flexibility and customizations to their products to suit customer needs and budgets. 

Improves Well-being and Promotes Relaxation

What could be your best idea of unwinding other than reclining and taking a dip in a portable spa right in your backyard? Many pool and spa warehouses around Sydney offer swim spas for sale that come in many designs with the ultimate purpose of promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Some spas have additional features and mechanisms like warm water therapy that could provide some relief to your chronic and muscle pains.

Requires Less Space and Maintenance

If you want to enjoy various aquatic activities with your family but with limited outdoor space buying a spa can be a perfect alternative. 

Aside from the fact that a spa requires less space to install, you can also save time and money in maintaining it compared to a regular pool.

A good choice of a spa can also make your backyard look chic and add a sleek touch to your home.

Usable All-Year Round

Spas are also very beneficial and usable at any time of the year. In cold weather or when users want to have a warm bath, they can adjust the water temperature to suit the user’s needs.

With all these possible and practical benefits, owning a spa can be considered a good investment in your own outdoor space. But before buying one, be sure to consider what suits your needs and personal preferences and never succumb to pressure. Lastly, the functionality and usability features of a spa you choose ultimately affect the overall user experience.

And just a tip, make sure to invest in an automatic pool cover to protect your spa from dirt and other elements all year round for less maintenance.

What Safety Options Does Modern Shower Stool Offer?

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We call them by different names, modern shower stool, shower chair, or shower bench. Despite the different names by which we call them, they all serve the same function or purpose. They provide users the level seating area they need so they can have a comfortable sitting position while bathing. 

These types of product offerings are usually catered to the needs of the elderly as well as for people with some kind of infirmity or another. Modern shower benches come either as a  built-in installation or as a portable tool. Built-in types are usually integrated into the bathroom area during construction, although remodeling the bath space is another option but may come as a costly measure. 

Portable Type of Shower Stool

Portable types of shower benches usually come with a backrest feature. This provides the user the optimal comfort and support during use. Most of these bench seats found in the market these days have custom padded seats. They also have seat height adjustment functionality which helps it in accommodating everyone in the household. 

And by their sheer design, portable shower/bath benches are intended to work best inside a bathtub/shower combination. They usually have a good fit inside the tub area. Since they are manufactured using metal and plastic components, they are water-resistant and are thus easy to clean, too.  

Cost-Effective to Make Your Shower Room Safer

If you want to make your shower room a lot safer, particularly for the elderly or handicapped members of your household, installing a modern shower stool is highly recommended. Contrary to popular impression, it is not an expensive project to make. 

The backless models are ideal for use in small spaced shower/bath areas because they usually come in smaller, less bulky sizes. They are also known to provide users with the same safety benefits and are far easier to clean up than the benches. It is just that you will have them in a rather smaller package.  

Manufacturers of leading brands for shower chairs take pride in the best features of their product offering. They’re inspired by the best characteristics of shower stools and shower benches. Normally, this type of disability equipment shares a good semblance to that of the stool. But it is made distinct by its backrest for improved support. 

senior care

Elderly Moving Into Our Home

If the elderly members of our family need to move into our homes to live with us, there are a few adjustments we need to make. This involves not just getting used to having them around, but more importantly, we also need to cater to their needs. This may involve having a total bathroom overhaul just so they can live with us in peaceful comfort. 

But for many of us, giving our bathrooms a makeover or considering giving it a remodeling work may not sound practical at all. After all, time is also a limiting factor here because you may need to find a contractor for the job.  

Major bathroom renovations would look impractical if time is working against you. This is when modern shower stools or portable shower benches can be taken advantage of. They are far easier to set up, cost-effective, and convenient, too.  


What is the Real Score Between Ordinary and Self-Cleaning Swim Spa, According to Pool and Spa Warehouse Owners?

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A good number of homemakers who are finding themselves on the fence whether or not they should buy a swim spa have come across and were offered a “self’-cleaning” swim spa. However, we can’t blame them if they would be having second thoughts about it since they don’t know exactly what is meant by that. 

A closer look into this market and it’s easy to see that it is teeming with state of the art modern day swim spas. One of the key selling points to offer their target market is their self-cleaning capability/feature. 

This works to the benefit of the buyer/homemaker in the sense that it gives them more valuable time to spend enjoying their swim spa with family and friends as opposed to having to worry themselves about vacuuming the pool spa floors, skimming the pool water now and then or cleaning the same.  

If you have been itching to buy one of your own, it is important to remember that not all pool spas out there offering this feature can be relied on or dependable on that kind of functionality.

If you want more value for your hard-earned money, you need to identify the top-performing brand here. It is important to raise this to the attention of your dealer, that you are most interested in finding a self-cleaning pool spa. 

Remind yourself that acquiring a premium brand of a swim spa is easy on maintenance as opposed to something that is of inferior quality. To give you an idea of how a self-cleaning type of pool spa works, here are some points to ponder. 

When shopping for a pool spa, choose a brand that will help you in creating time that matters most – time you can have to enjoy it. There are a handful of brands out in the market that will qualify as a top-of-the-line pool spa, and they self-clean their water in just 45 minutes. 

Filtration Jets

The main role of filtration jets is to ensure that the surface water is divinely clean and does this by pushing any floating debris towards the direction of the skimmer and to the pre-filter for removal. 

Pre-Filter and HIgh Flow Skimmer

They are in charge of removing any floating dirt and debris in the water and taking it to the next level by moving everything to the pre-filter section and thus extending the pool spa’s cleaning cycles.  

swimming pool

Floor Vacuum 

A high-grade pool spa with a floor vacuum system will automatically take away heavy dirt and grit that has found its way to the bottom floor of the pool. It will also ensure that whatever water care products you may have applied to your water, will be efficiently circulated throughout the entire system. 


This is a dual-core pressurized microfilter, and it effectively works in filtering your pool spa water while at the same time keeping itself inconspicuously hidden.  

According to various pool and spa warehouse managers, all these points indicated above are some of the things you should be looking for in a high-quality pool spa. Jot them down if need be and use them as your guide in finding the right model that will suit both your discriminating taste and needs. 


Why It Is Important to Clean Your Hot Tub with Australian Spa Parts?

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There are some aspects of a swim spa that have parallelism to a big, regular bathtub. But one thing they differ though is that swim spas don’t need frequent draining after every use. If you happen to be a happy owner of a hot tub with Australian spa parts, and yet you, unfortunately, have no idea how to go about draining its water, now is the best time to learn about it.

Never ask the reason why, because basically you need to know how to properly clean it on your own without any assistance or help from anyone. This process also is much more different when you are taking care of your bathtub.

There is more to cleaning it than just wiping it squeaky clean with a commercial-grade cleaning agent. Do it wrong, and the odds are high that you will be for a couple of nasty surprises.

Eradicating Dirt, Grime, and Gunge Build-up

Wiping away unnecessary and nasty buildup on your spa and its exposed surface with utmost care is always easier than it sounds. And you don’t necessarily need to have a very high mental acuity to do it. Before you change the water in your hot tub for the first or the hundredth time, it is crucial that you learn first how to drain it and clean it the right way.

Why You Should Learn How to Properly Drain Your Hot Tub?

cleaning hot tubEvery single time that you are using your hot tub, you are actually introducing organic contaminants into its water, such as:

  • Lotions
  • Body oils
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair products
  • Sweat 
  • Urine

What we are trying to point out here is that every single hot tub user carries residue in their bodies that are likely to be left behind in the hot tub water, which is normal. So, this means to say that once you enter the spa water, you are bringing along your body residue, too.

What you need to know is that these residues don’t just stay in the water, they will also pass through your hot tub plumbing and filtering system, too. The filter system will only do so much in doing its job, although most of the time it is able to grab and discard most of it. And since these contaminants inevitably pass through your pipes, their natural tendency is to have a build-up there creating in the process a layer of biofilm.

What is Biofilm?

Even when you know how to clean your hot tub, things take a 360 degree turn when you are introduced to what a biofilm is.

Colonies of bacteria and fungi, whether you believe it or not, are congregating down the pipes of your hot tub. Much like every living thing on this planet, they need to build a system of defense mechanisms to protect themselves and for their survival. They build a biofilm, it is impervious to your harshest detergent or cleaning solution, even to chlorine.

Over time these colonies of bacteria and fungi will grow and expand inside the confines of your hot tub piping system. Expect the worst, but they are digging in for the long haul until such time that you figure out something good that will eradicate them.

The longer time that biofilm linger in your piping system, the more contaminants it creates and they will stay in your hot tub water. Allow it to build for far too long a time, and they will start to hinder your water flow. And if that scenario happens, it will eventually impact the efficiency of your filter system.

Hence, the need to observe regular draining and cleaning of your hot tub is a must here. We recommend that you take advantage of a high-grade and reliable special plumbing cleaning agent. Such a cleaning agent is the only way you can get rid of biofilm lining in your hot tub with Australian spa parts.

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