We call them by different names, modern shower stool, shower chair, or shower bench. Despite the different names by which we call them, they all serve the same function or purpose. They provide users the level seating area they need so they can have a comfortable sitting position while bathing. 

These types of product offerings are usually catered to the needs of the elderly as well as for people with some kind of infirmity or another. Modern shower benches come either as a  built-in installation or as a portable tool. Built-in types are usually integrated into the bathroom area during construction, although remodeling the bath space is another option but may come as a costly measure. 

Portable Type of Shower Stool

Portable types of shower benches usually come with a backrest feature. This provides the user the optimal comfort and support during use. Most of these bench seats found in the market these days have custom padded seats. They also have seat height adjustment functionality which helps it in accommodating everyone in the household. 

And by their sheer design, portable shower/bath benches are intended to work best inside a bathtub/shower combination. They usually have a good fit inside the tub area. Since they are manufactured using metal and plastic components, they are water-resistant and are thus easy to clean, too.  

Cost-Effective to Make Your Shower Room Safer

If you want to make your shower room a lot safer, particularly for the elderly or handicapped members of your household, installing a modern shower stool is highly recommended. Contrary to popular impression, it is not an expensive project to make. 

The backless models are ideal for use in small spaced shower/bath areas because they usually come in smaller, less bulky sizes. They are also known to provide users with the same safety benefits and are far easier to clean up than the benches. It is just that you will have them in a rather smaller package.  

Manufacturers of leading brands for shower chairs take pride in the best features of their product offering. They’re inspired by the best characteristics of shower stools and shower benches. Normally, this type of disability equipment shares a good semblance to that of the stool. But it is made distinct by its backrest for improved support. 

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Elderly Moving Into Our Home

If the elderly members of our family need to move into our homes to live with us, there are a few adjustments we need to make. This involves not just getting used to having them around, but more importantly, we also need to cater to their needs. This may involve having a total bathroom overhaul just so they can live with us in peaceful comfort. 

But for many of us, giving our bathrooms a makeover or considering giving it a remodeling work may not sound practical at all. After all, time is also a limiting factor here because you may need to find a contractor for the job.  

Major bathroom renovations would look impractical if time is working against you. This is when modern shower stools or portable shower benches can be taken advantage of. They are far easier to set up, cost-effective, and convenient, too.