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Tips for Catering Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

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kitchen equipmentThe commercial kitchen apparatus is made to withstand high volume use. Equipment should move effectively for your small food service company to run efficiently. When your equipment is not regularly maintained, your equipment may eventually break down, bringing your productivity to a complete stop. Having the best out of your professional kitchen equipment funding is vital. The below suggestions can assist you in saving money and time in the long term.

After the joy of buying the proper catering equipment for a commercial kitchen, it’s all too easy to enable maintenance to be an afterthought. That is until you have a breakdown, which brings about an inconvenient operational postpone and costs a fortune in loss and repairs of business.

Thus, ongoing maintenance systems must be set to make sure that small issues do not become huge ones. To make sure that your food catering equipment goes on to work at maximum effectiveness, we suggest you use the following tips:

Catering Equipment Repairs Tips

Review your Manual

It’s not unusual for each gear to have attention and handling requirements particular to the device. It’s ideal to be acquainted with the restaurant gear by going over the owner’s hand to know precisely how to operate and maintain your equipment.

Repair Broken Parts

Components, as well as components, use out after many years of use. When you see you have a noisy or broken part, it’s necessary to have this repaired by a specialist technician. Staying on top of vehicle repairs and being practical can easily keep your catering equipment up and operating for numerous years to come.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Keeping your gear neat and sanitized can help stop debris, rust, grime, and food particles from building up, which may result in equipment failure. The damage from dirty kitchen equipment occurs gradually over time. Nevertheless, if you make sure to clean and sanitize equipment often, you can bring down the risk and extend the gear’s life. Be sure to clean stainless steel appliances with gentle soapy water. If you’re uncertain of how to clean and disinfect your appliance, it’s ideal for checking out the owner’s hand or perhaps contact a professional.

Schedule Professional Planned Maintenance

Contact an experienced repair technician to conduct routine planned upkeep on your cooking or maybe refrigeration equipment. This helps with safety measures and makes sure that your kitchen equipment works at peak performance, reducing sudden interruptions for your business.

Maintenance for Common Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Regular upkeep is essential for professional kitchen tools and appliances. Staying current on inspections and care for your grills, griddles, ranges, fryers, more relaxed, freezer, and refrigerator can help bring down breakdowns. In foodservice, lost moment equals lost earnings. Below are some suggestions for keeping typical industrial kitchen equipment units.

Maintaining a commercial kitchen by performing catering equipment repairs can help avoid malfunctions and breakdowns. When these things are avoided, you don’t only spare yourself from all the stress, but most of all, you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Ensuring that your equipment will function in the best way possible allows you to be confident that you are providing exceptional services to your customers or clients.


TV antenna to buy

How to Combine VHF to UHF Antenna?

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Whenever we turn on our TV sets and tune in to our favorite local channel, what we see on our TV screens is the free over-the-air television signal. These signals originate from your local TV broadcast towers. There are instances that these broadcast towers can transmit their signal using both VHF and UHF frequencies.

Some TV stations would be transmitting their signals under the low band VHF frequencies, even when most of the local network affiliates are utilizing the UHF frequency band to broadcast their programming.

If you reckon the need to combine signals with the help of 2 TV antennas for you to receive and enjoy all free local broadcast channels in the country, we are encouraging you to carry on reading this content.

Your exact geographic location plays a crucial role in determining what kind of broadcast channels you will receive on your TV set.

With respect to your antenna installation for TV, it will all be depending upon the nearby transmitting towers you have in your areas as well as the kind of TV antenna that you need to have to be able to receive them. These ones will rely on obstacles and terrains that stand between these broadcast towers and your home.

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Learn What Type of Frequency Bands Are Being Used in Your Area

If you haven’t already,  identify what frequencies are being transmitted by the local TV stations in your area.  You can check out  for this purpose after providing your zip code.

Alternatively, you can download and make use of the free Antenna Point app on your tablet or smartphone in helping you locate where these local broadcast towers are in your area. 

You will find there a column designated for the virtual channel, it is representing the channels you are seeing displayed on your TV set.  There you will also find the DTV channel column, which stands for the actual frequency used.  

If you happen to be living in a region where both the VHF and UHF frequency bands are transmitted, the use of either VHF or UHF antennas would get the job done all the time. Generally speaking, for a bowtie type of antenna, they are highly capable of receiving high-VHF broadcasts. 

However, if your area happens to have a weak VHF signal or you reckon that your home is at least 20 miles from the nearest transmitting tower, a longer-range VHF antenna would be essential. This will help ensure that you have a good reception for all available local stations. 

Combining Multiple TV Antennas

What you typically do here is to mount the UHF antenna at the top of the mast first. In any case that the VHF signals you are keen on having are way weaker compared to the UHF signal, installing first a VHF antenna at the topmast will help in achieving this end result.  

You need the following materials for this project: 

Coaxial Cable

– 1 Antenna Combiner

– 1 Mast – You can custom-size this to help accommodate both antennas. For optimal reception, this will help you have the correct elevation to use.

– Zip ties – You can also use anything similar. Use them to hold in place  and secure the coaxial cables you used 

We highly recommend that before you install any kind of antenna to any surface, make it sure that you have already tested reception there first. Otherwise, it will just be a game of trial and error for you.  Connect your coaxial cable to the antenna using the  F-connector. Then attach the coaxial cables opposite end to your inverter box or TV, after which you can already run a full channel scan.

community swimming pool

Why Can Chlorine Be Hostile to the Coronavirus in a Swim Spa?

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Under normal circumstances, many people would be spending their afternoon free time in a community pool or at a water playground. But with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us will be having second-thoughts of even stepping out of the house now. So that rules out a visit to a nearby community pool. 

The million-dollar question we have here is, is it safe for us to swim now in a public pool? Or is there even a possibility that we can contract the coronavirus in a public swimming pool?

Can We Contract the Coronavirus from Pools with Australian Spa Parts? 

Here is a bit of good news that everyone needs to know about. Experts believe that outdoor space lowers our risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. Therefore, this means to say that if the pool you are prospecting to hit up is outdoors, there is a lesser chance that you can’t get COVID-19 infection. 

community swimming pool

In addition to this, according to the CDC or the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no solid evidence yet to show that coronavirus can spread from person to person via water in pools ( this would include swim spa Australia, water park areas, spas, and community pools).  

One possible reason why community pool water is hostile to the coronavirus has something to do with chlorine.

Is Chlorine Lethal to Coronavirus? 

As per medical expert’s findings, their research shows that the coronavirus does not stand a chance of surviving in chlorinated water. This announcement also echoes the findings of infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD, of Maryland John Hopkins Center for Health Security.  

However, this should not be misconstrued that you won’t get COVID-19 infection while you are having good times in a community swimming pool. Medical professionals qualify this illness as respiratory type. 

Respiratory disease means to say that it can only spread if an infected person’s droplets from the mouth fly through the air. 

So you, interacting with somebody else in the water park facility, by virtue of their coughing, sneezing, or talking — even when you are in the pool water all the time — the risk of you inhaling a droplet coming from an infected person stands

Dr. Adalja says that when you visit a hot tub spa with Australian spa parts, or when you are at a community pool, the biggest risk you have there is not in the water itself but when you are out of it. 

It is normal for water entertainment facilities or water parks to have crowded conditions most of the time, which can spur the risk for virus infection. Add to this is the  presence of common touch surfaces. Typical examples of which are the locker room and the deck. 

There is a good possibility that common touch surfaces could be harboring the virus, and every single one that has had contact with them would be infected, too.  

What Preventive Measures Should Community Pools Have? 

The CDC recently issued stringent guidelines that operators of community pools should follow in observance of public safety and security against COVID-19. 

One aspect of the guidelines they provided requires the community pool to provide their customers with supplies that support healthy hygiene, such as a hand sanitizer, soap, as well as no-touch garbage bins. 

In addition to these measures, they also recommend regular disinfection of shared objects, from pool noodles, lounge chairs, and kickboards, every single time that patrons use them. 

The guidelines also recommend the creation of physical and visual cues, including lane lines in the water. This will help in reminding everyone around to observe proper social distancing, at least 6 feet apart from the nearest person, both in and out of the pool water. 

The same recommended protocols above should be observed too when you’re out of the swimming pool itself.

Important Tips on Air Compressor Repairs

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Now you have invested in an air compressor to work all your air resources you are likely to have to find out how you can keep it started. Because the standard format handyman’s air compressors do not generally require daily upkeep, it is not hard to forget about them and ignore the upkeep of theirs. This may be a costly oversight, so it is crucial for one to always keep a watch on the following maintenance guidelines.

Air Compressor Repairs Tips

Drain the Moisture

The receiver tank is what collects fluids from the atmosphere that it is constricting – particularly in case you reside in a humid climate. Many tanks come with a valve for emptying this moisture content which accumulates, and it is your responsibility to make certain that this is drained regularly. Before emptying the water, you need to be certain to let go of the pressure coming from the tanks.

Clean the Intake Vents

In case you force the air compressor to intake air you are wasting power on the compression of yours. This will slowly degrade the quality of the tool of yours. Make sure you keep your consumption vent clean and then check them on a regular basis particularly in case you are operating in a dirty or dusty environment.

Tighten the Fasteners

The air compressor is running a pulsating engine, and this is going to loosen its bolts, nuts, and screws on a consistent schedule. Make sure you check out these occasionally and tighten it up in case you find some which have jostled loose.

Check the Hoses Regularly

Be sure to check the hoses regularly as they are considered the veins of the air compressor. In case they get cracked or perhaps corroded they can quickly start to leak and add unnecessary stress on most of your compressor’s parts. Make sure you check and change them in case you discover them damaged or cracked.

Check and Change Air Filters as Needed

A filthy air filtration system is just damaging your air compressor by permitting dirt and grime from the exterior in, as well as driving it to work harder to ingest air. Look at your filters frequently and alter them in case you see a large build-up of dirt and dust. Change every six weeks or even so in case you make use of it occasionally.

Clean the Gas Tank

Just like any car you must occasionally clear out the gas tank to confirm optimum operating conditions. You ought to appear to clean out the car engine on your air compressor as soon as each year or perhaps to eliminate some residuals from the gas. It will sustain the life of the engine of yours.

Check and Replace the Compressor Oil

If you are operating a compressor which utilizes oil you need to be checking it on a regular basis to make certain that your printer is topped off. Next, every 500 1000 hours of use you need to be changing this oil to guarantee optimum performance of the air compressor.

Clean the heat Exchangers

machine compressor

If the heat exchangers of yours are dirty then they cannot do the job of theirs, which is reducing the working temperature ranges of the air compressor. Thoroughly clean them often to keep operating temperatures down and take the lifespan of the air compressor.

By adhering to the air compressor repairs suggestions above you will guarantee a pleasant long life for the air compressor, as well as the tasks that you make use of it for will go quicker and much more efficiently. A properly maintained air compressor is a terrific machine for just about any job site or maybe workshop, so keep yours running efficiently.

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