A good number of homemakers who are finding themselves on the fence whether or not they should buy a swim spa have come across and were offered a “self’-cleaning” swim spa. However, we can’t blame them if they would be having second thoughts about it since they don’t know exactly what is meant by that. 

A closer look into this market and it’s easy to see that it is teeming with state of the art modern day swim spas. One of the key selling points to offer their target market is their self-cleaning capability/feature. 

This works to the benefit of the buyer/homemaker in the sense that it gives them more valuable time to spend enjoying their swim spa with family and friends as opposed to having to worry themselves about vacuuming the pool spa floors, skimming the pool water now and then or cleaning the same.  

If you have been itching to buy one of your own, it is important to remember that not all pool spas out there offering this feature can be relied on or dependable on that kind of functionality.

If you want more value for your hard-earned money, you need to identify the top-performing brand here. It is important to raise this to the attention of your dealer, that you are most interested in finding a self-cleaning pool spa. 

Remind yourself that acquiring a premium brand of a swim spa is easy on maintenance as opposed to something that is of inferior quality. To give you an idea of how a self-cleaning type of pool spa works, here are some points to ponder. 

When shopping for a pool spa, choose a brand that will help you in creating time that matters most – time you can have to enjoy it. There are a handful of brands out in the market that will qualify as a top-of-the-line pool spa, and they self-clean their water in just 45 minutes. 

Filtration Jets

The main role of filtration jets is to ensure that the surface water is divinely clean and does this by pushing any floating debris towards the direction of the skimmer and to the pre-filter for removal. 

Pre-Filter and HIgh Flow Skimmer

They are in charge of removing any floating dirt and debris in the water and taking it to the next level by moving everything to the pre-filter section and thus extending the pool spa’s cleaning cycles.  

swimming pool

Floor Vacuum 

A high-grade pool spa with a floor vacuum system will automatically take away heavy dirt and grit that has found its way to the bottom floor of the pool. It will also ensure that whatever water care products you may have applied to your water, will be efficiently circulated throughout the entire system. 


This is a dual-core pressurized microfilter, and it effectively works in filtering your pool spa water while at the same time keeping itself inconspicuously hidden.  

According to various pool and spa warehouse managers, all these points indicated above are some of the things you should be looking for in a high-quality pool spa. Jot them down if need be and use them as your guide in finding the right model that will suit both your discriminating taste and needs.